Pathway DMX Lighting Networks

DMX512 Lighting Networks: The Basics  

DMX512 networks create dynamic lightingDynamic lighting often brings a lot of color and movement to spacesThe DMX512 lighting protocol was created to serve the needs of performance lighting, such as in theaters or music venuesA DMX network is designed to support large amounts of data continually moving between controllers and luminaires, and at very high speeds. Many non-performance lighting applications also rely on DMX networks, to support RGB LED luminaires featured in applications such as building façades, hotel lobbies and corporate reception areas.

A DMX network always includes a controller and luminaires that are compatible with the DMX protocol. As well, DMX lighting systems must include network devices that route the DMX data to different locations between the controllers and luminaires.

Pathway Connectivity provides these network devices, creating robust and secure network backbones. Pathway devices create bridges between Ethernet and DMX, and DMX and other kinds of lighting control protocols, such as RDM, nLight® or 0-10v.

DMX Distribution 

DMX512 network devices fall into two major categories: DMX and DMX-over-Ethernet. Smaller DMX512 networks do not use Ethernet devices, due to the limited number of DMX luminaires, and the uncomplicated layout of the DMX controls and wiring.


Larger projects, and projects that need flexibility and reconfiguration require DMX-over-Ethernet devices as a part of the network. Keep in mind that DMX-over-Ethernet networks invariably also have some DMX-only devices as a part of their systems.


The Pathway Portfolio has a broad and deep range of DMX and DMX-over-Ethernet devices, and multi-platform monitoring and DMX512 configuration software. Our DMX networking products are available in a range of port counts (or sizes) and form factors. We offer the enclosures and power supplies to help you design complete permanent installations, and rack mounted devices that withstand the rigors of the touring life

Many devices feature interfaces such as contact closures, to help integrate them with non-DMX systems. Whatever DMX lighting system you are designing, Pathway has the products you need to create a secure and reliable network backbone.

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