DMX Lighting Control for Commercial Spaces

Dynamic RGBx Lighting

Expanding Artistic Possibilities with DMX512

Pathway brings DMX expertise to commercial lighting spaces!  With a proven record of innovation and reliability, Pathway has helped create spectacular visual experiences. Traditional multi-purpose education spaces, houses of worship, hotel lobbies and façades are examples of where practical and artistic spaces meet. These spaces need a solution to accommodate a more complex DMX network; a solution that gives the dynamic power of DMX to provide color and performance-style lighting with lighting controls that are energy efficient and aid in code compliance.

Commercial Spaces with nLight® Lighting Controls & Pathway

nLight Snapshot Controller

The nLight® Snapshot Controller leverages the power of nLight networked lighting controls and Pathway DMX controls in a simple and unified solution in commercial and educational spaces.

The nLight Snapshot is the gateway linking the nLight controls platform and DMX512 devices, with easy, two-way communication between DMX and nLight.

A “Snapshot”, like a nLight scene, is the recording DMX512 light and intensity levels created by any theatrical console or similar controller.

Pathway DMX Capabilities


The power of commercial lighting solutions with DMX control does not stop with traditional offices and school spaces. Pathway Connectivity Solutions brings a breadth of DMX networking products and expertise to complete any project.

Pathway Connectivity is the industry leader in DMX distribution and networking. We are a pioneer in entertainment lighting and experts in sACN, the Ethernet protocol that supports multiple universes of DMX512. For over 30 years Pathway Connectivity has been specified in entertainment venues across the globe and now we are bringing our technology and expertise to commercial and architectural applications.

From providing theatrical lighting networking for cafetoriums to creating ambience in retail spaces and restaurants to illuminating Niagara Falls, Pathway provides end-to-end solutions. We make any job where DMX networking is required simply accessible.

Pathway DMX Applications

DMX Controls and Architectural Wall Stations
Vignette wall stations operate the lighting when a theatrical console is not present or not required and playback DMX lighting snapshots and zones.
Ethernet Managed Switches
Ethernet Managed Switches
VIA switches are the heart of Ethernet networks designed specifically for managing DMX lighting, audio, and video data.
DMX-over-Ethernet Gateways
DMX Over Ethernet Gateways
Pathport® Gateways allow DMX to travel over Ethernet networks, improving flexibility of system layouts and operation.
DMX Splitters
DMX Splitters
Pathway Repeaters allow a single DMX control signal to have several outputs instead of one, enables the creation of efficient and flexible wiring topologies and protects the network from electrical faults and voltage issues.
DMX Splitters
DMX Interfaces and Data Receptacles
Pathway Connectivity also manufactures a diverse line of modular and interface devices to help you complete your installation. DMX is not the only protocol out there and Pathway has interface devices for legacy protocols, such as 0-10v and contact closure.

Complementary Software and Tools

Custom System Assemblies

Customize a compact enclosure with any of the DIN-mountable Pathway products (including the nLight® Snapshot Controller with a Custom System Assembly). All DIN Assemblies ship pre-configured with a power supply. With the Pathway System Assembly Tool, simply choose the required Pathway devices required for your application and the free software will build up a list of all the products and quantities in the Bill of Materials along with a drawing of the custom assembly.


Pathscape DMX Software is one of the most powerful tools within the Pathway network. This configuration software manages all network and DMX devices installed on your system. One tool that connects the entire backbone of your lighting network.