Webinar: Ethernet Essentials for Entertainment Lighting Networks
Pathport Celebrates 20 Years!
SixEye Remote Cloud Management
Entertainment Networking
The Niagara Falls Lighting Control System
Natural Language Control (Cognito and Choreo)
Migrating to Performance LED Lighting


Overview of Security Domains
Opting Out of Security
The ACME Data Bomb


What is eLink?
More on eLink

VIA™ Ethernet Switches

Why VIA?
Internet Group Management
IGMP in the Real World
Rapid Spanning Tree
Ring Protection
Networking’s 4-Letter Words

Vignette™ Wall Stations

Simple Snapshotting
Show Mode – Lockout
Zone Control
Default Look – Keeping the lights on
Using multiple sACN Priorities
Trigger Vignette from a console
Vignette Time Clock
RBG control on 3 sliders

Cognito2 Lighting Console

Introduction to Cognito
Select Control Record Play
Recording a Cue
Recording a Cue
Playlist of 30+ Videos on Cognito and Choreo

Choreo Lighting Controller

Choreo & NSB
Multiple NSBs in a Room


Pathscape Overview
Pathscape Overview v2