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PWWSI NSB Wall Station

NSB Sliders and Buttons for Choreo

By Pathway

  • Overview
  • Specifications
NSB™, or Networked Sliders and Buttons, is a system of modular, remote button and slider wall station inserts that are designed to be paired with the Cognito2 and Choreo lighting control platforms. Design the exact configuration needed for each wall station, from 1-gang to 6-gang. Each wall station needs only one "Master" Insert (PWWSI NPOE), which receives data and power; the remaining "Local" inserts (PWWSI LOC) connect together easily and can be re-arranged as needed. The wall stations are discovered and configured on the Cognito2 or Choreo controllers. Each button or slider can be configured to control a recorded memory action on the Choreo or Cognito2.
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Color Black, White
Control Device Type Dimming Switch, On/Off Switch, Scene Switch
Mounting Location Wall
Mounting Type Semi-flush
Product Type Wallstation
Networkable Control Yes
Voltage Rating 024, Low Voltage
# of Comm. Ports 1
Receiving Protocol Ethernet
Sending Protocol Ethernet
Compliance Listing CA Title 1.81.26, ROHS

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  • Spec Sheets

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    SPEC SHEET Pathway-NSB-PWWSI-PWWSK-N485-Spec Sheet.pdf NSB 485 Wall Station Inserts 3/5/2022 View
    SPEC SHEET Pathway-NSB-PWWSI-PWWSK-NPOE-Spec Sheet.pdf NSB PoE Wall Station Inserts 3/5/2022 View

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  • Guideline Specifications

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Guideline Specification Sheets nsb-poe-button-station.docx CSI Div 26 Part 2 1/10/2022
    Guideline Specification Sheets nsb-rs485-button-station.docx CSI Div 26 Part 2 1/10/2022
    Guideline Specification Sheets parts-1-and-3-only.docx CSI Div 26 Parts 1 and 3 only 1/10/2022
  • Technical Documents (e.g. Instruction Sheets, MSDS, CAD)

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    CAD block-PWACC D3G.dwg Blocks and Drawing (PWACC D3G) DWG 8/2/2021
    CAD block-PWACC D3G.pdf Blocks and Drawing (PWACC D3G) PDF 8/2/2021 View
    CAD block-PWACC WSDT.dwg Blocks and Drawing (PWACC WSDT) DWG 8/2/2021
    CAD block-PWACC WSDT.pdf Blocks and Drawing (PWACC WSDT) PDF 8/2/2021 View
    CAD block-PWWSI B2.dwg Blocks and Drawing (PWWSI B2) DWG 8/3/2021
    CAD block-PWWSI B2.pdf Blocks and Drawing (PWWSI B2) PDF 8/3/2021 View
    CAD block-PWWSI B4.dwg Blocks and Drawing (PWWSI B4) DWG 8/3/2021
    CAD block-PWWSI B4.pdf Blocks and Drawing (PWWSI B4) PDF 8/3/2021 View
    CAD block-PWWSI S1.dwg Blocks and Drawing (PWWSI S1) DWG 8/3/2021
    CAD block-PWWSI S1.pdf Blocks and Drawing (PWWSI S1) PDF 8/3/2021 View
    CAD block-PWWSI S2.dwg Blocks and Drawing (PWWSI S2) DWG 8/3/2021
    CAD block-PWWSI S2.pdf Blocks and Drawing (PWWSI S2) PDF 8/3/2021 View
    CAD block-PWWSI S3.dwg Blocks and Drawing (PWWSI S3) DWG 8/3/2021
    CAD block-PWWSI S3.pdf Blocks and Drawing (PWWSI S3) PDF 8/3/2021 View
    Installation Instructions Pathway-Wall-Station-Inserts-PWWSI-Install Guide.pdf Physical assembly of inserts into wall stations and wiring guide. 3/21/2022 View
    Line Drawing line-PWACC D3G.DWG Dimensions and notes (PWACC D3G) DWG 3/29/2022
    Line Drawing line-PWACC D3G.pdf Dimensions and notes (PWACC D3G) PDF 3/29/2022 View
    Line Drawing line-PWACC WSDT.dwg Dimensions and notes (PWACC WSDT) DWG 3/29/2022
    Line Drawing line-PWACC WSDT.pdf Dimensions and notes (PWACC WSDT) PDF 3/29/2022 View
    Line Drawing line-PWFP G.dwg Dimensions and notes (PWFP G) DWG 3/25/2022
    Line Drawing line-PWFP G.pdf Dimensions and notes (PWFP G) PDF 3/25/2022 View
    Line Drawing line-PWWSI N485.dwg Dimensions and notes (PWWSI N485) DWG 3/24/2022
    Line Drawing line-PWWSI N485.pdf Dimensions and notes (PWWSI N485) PDF 3/24/2022 View
    Line Drawing line-PWWSI NPOE.dwg Dimensions and notes (PWWSI NPOE) DWG 3/24/2022
    Line Drawing line-PWWSI NPOE.pdf Dimensions and notes (PWWSI NPOE) PDF 3/24/2022 View
    Technical Bulletins EC-DoC-PWWSI.pdf EC Declaration of Conformity 8/25/2021 View
    Technical Bulletins Factory Defaulting Pathway Ethernet Devices How to default a device to clear settings and recover Security Domain. 9/10/2021 View
    Installation Instructions Button Station Quick Assembly Guide (Archived) Instructions for assembling Master and one or more local inserts. 3/8/2022 View
    Installation Instructions Vignette 485 Wiring Guide-Web-2020-1-30.pdf (Archived) How to wire Vignette and NSB 485 six-pin headers 2/14/2022 View
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  • Marketing Material (e.g. Brochures, Sell Sheets, FAQs, )

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Brochures Pathway Wall Station Brochure.pdf Pathway Wall Station Brochure 8/30/2021 View
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Choreo and NSB

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Choreo Network Sliders and Buttons

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IDC Connector

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